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Counselling or Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is often long-term and can last a number of years, while counselling often lasts between 6 sessions and a year.

Is it all about the past?

The past is important and so is the present for understanding how old narratives are replayed in current relationships and situations. Often, discussions will involve both past and current experiences.

Is therapy confidential?

As a member of the BACP, I respect and protect the confidentiality and privacy of all my clients. However, there are some ethical and legal limitations to this. For example, when protecting a client or others from serious harm. The need to share information with a third party will always be discussed with the client first.

How long will it take?

This is very much the client's decision. Some people choose to have a few sessions, whereas others find it useful to have open-ended therapy. Clients can choose to stop whenever they feel it's best for them, there are no obligations.

Which type of therapy do I need?

There are many types of therapy out there, ranging from the Freudian to modern integrative models. However, research shows that the key to effectiveness is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. That's why it may be good to book a session with a number of therapists so that you can choose whom you think you have a better connection with.

Will therapy fix me?

There is a lot of evidence that therapy can be useful in dealing with many psychological issues. I believe that people have adapted to the environments and relationships they have experienced.  They can continue to adapt when they are helped to change those environments and relationships. Therapy is the beginning of that new environment and new relationship.  Therapy provides a space to explore and process difficult thoughts and feelings, to help you recognize unhelpful habits, resolve painful feelings and build better ways of coping and communicating.

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