Psychotherapy Contract

Please read the following information about working together and informed consent in psychotherapy. 
Therapy can be open-ended or for a specific number of sessions. Sessions last for 60 minutes. If you are unable to make an appointment for any reason, please give me one weeks’ notice. Fees are payable at the end of each session by cash or bank transfer unless you have pre-paid through a booking website.
All that is discussed within sessions will always be treated as confidential, with the following exceptions: (1) Information from sessions will be shared with a supervisor, without mentioning names, to maintain good clinical practice. (2) If I am compelled by a court to break confidentiality. (3) If I am concerned that either you or someone else may be at risk.

Working online or by telephone
You should do all you can to find a private and undisturbed place for our sessions. If you feel confident that you cannot be overheard, you will be able to engage in the session more fully. You may need to be creative about finding confidential space, perhaps even sitting outside in the car, if you have one. You will also need to ensure that any vulnerable members of your household have adequate care and supervision for this time.

We both agree not to make any kind of recording of sessions conducted by phone or video. You are responsible for the security of your devices, including using password-protection and regularly updating any virus-checkers and firewalls installed. Please discuss any concerns with me. As far as is possible, I will ensure that the devices I use are safe and secure.
Meeting me in your home environment may make the process feel more informal, which may affect how you prepare for and experience our meetings. It can help the counselling process if you turn off other devices during our session to minimise distractions. Set up a space where you can sit comfortably for the duration of the session. Ideally, you should set up your device so you can use it hands-free while you remain clearly visible, with adequate lighting, without having to make adjustments as we talk.

If we lose our connection due to technological difficulties, I will always attempt to re-establish the connection. If this is not possible, I will contact you by an alternative method to either continue the session or reschedule.

Practical arrangements
We will limit any contact by email, messages or telephone in between sessions to practical arrangements and information only. Sensitive and personal material should be kept for the session itself. I am unable to accept invitations from you on any other form of social media.

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